T-DUBB born Timothy White is a native of Newport News, VA. He is a very unique rap artist with a very unique rap style. His style is a blend of southern hip hop and east coast hip hop. He has a very energetic rap style. He tells finely detailed stories with beats straight from the belly of the south. Not only is he a rap artist he is also a CEO, engineer of a recording studio, and a producer. He is the CEO of Lightz Out Entertainment. T-DUBB said he sets out to be the person that shows the world that VA has a lot of talent no longer waiting to be seen. T-DUBB feels music is just another way to tell a story. Who doesn't like to hear a good story? Music is his way of getting the problems he has in his life off of his chest. He also loves to party so when it comes to party music T-DUBB has it for you. His hard hitting southern style beats and his rap flow just makes you want to get loose in the club. T-DUBB is on a mission to show the world what he has to offer and will not stop until he feels his story is told.


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Its Lightz Out!!!!