The first time Tarsha performed on stage was not to sing. Believe it or not Tarsha Jackson markets talent in various aspects, but remains completely focused on her true passion, music.

Tarsha ventured out to record her first demo (Best Kept Secret) back in 2005. She really had no clue how to get started as far as any producers or engineers to work with, how to go about things, not to mention very little knowledge of the music industry. Only a passion to make music that could be seen from a mile away and a mindset to get her sound heard. She was finally placed in the right direction to get started and has learned so much along the way. She’s now managed to get three independent cds recorded and released on her own, via web, in store, and in the street. This would included her latest indie cd “Misunderstood”

She is here to provide you with an original sound, original production and an extremely diverse style, from R&B to Hip Hop to Neo Soul, Cross-over or Pop, Tarsha refuses to limit herself to just one genre of music, but will surely set a new standard for many music genres to follow.

You will find that Tarsha possesses keen songwriting skills where her lyrics not only have true meaning but also carry melodies that will make you immediately want to pay close attention to.

Tarsha considers her music style to be somewhat unique & mystic, but at the same time very relate-able to many different audiences. Priding herself on her songwriting skills this vocalist also carries the flexibility to float from a singing to rhyming style. This is made evident with such songs like “Checkin Up On Me” & “Wish I Was You Girlfriend”.

Tarsha believes that being the writer of all of her own material makes her music more of her own. With Tarsha writing, singing & performing her own songs you can really feel her passion for life and what she does. You also get to know her a bit through her music.

Tarsha was musically inspired by many artists. She was most influenced by Michael and Janet Jackson, Erika Badu, MC Lyte, Missy Elliot & Mary J. Blige.

Throughout her youth this alto has participated in various choir groups, including Voices of Joy, Voices of Praise, and George Wythe High School Girls Choir & Saint Paul’s Woman’s Choir in Richmond.

By her late teens Tarsha was scouted by a representative of John Casablanca’s Model/Talent Agency/School where she soon became a student. Here she learned all about the modeling industry and worked various model jobs to pay for her schooling. Tarsha has appeared in various magazines such as "Sophisticates" and several Braids & Beauty magazines and has worked with world re known photographers like Mr. Eric Vonlockhart in New York City and interviewed with a top agency in Atlanta called About Faces Model & Talent. Tarsha could also be seen strutting her natural catwalk down the runway at venues mostly in the DMV area.

Tarsha has performed here in Richmond Va., and surrounding areas and is even venturing outside of her home in an attempt to showcase her talent and build a rapport with her fans and for all who support her. She has also been a guest on several radio stations such as WKSHdabeat in MD and WWRM.ORG, RadiocityRadio home based in Lynchburg VA.

Tarsha continues her education and training in music where she strives to utilize her vocal skills to the fullest. She continues to work with persons who challenge her to be the best vocalist she can and to perfect her craft which is making music from her heart.

According to Tarsha, this is a non-stop learning process and she believes any good artist should always continue to grow.