Before he had the whole 7 cities saying "YAT!", LaRon Bishop (formerly known as Bishop) was just like any other: a fan of hip-hop. As a youth growing up in "Bomb Beach" (AKA Virginia Beach), ambitions towards becoming a "rapper" grew stronger and became more undeniable. The music was in his blood; literally. As fate would have it, he is cousin to none other then super producer Nottz (Producing Snoop Dogg & R.Kelly's "That's That", Biggie Smalls "Dangerous MCs" and currently working on Dre's "Detox" album). He was influenced by various artists, including Nottz & DMP, Joe Budden, and longtime friends' Eyerone & Prominant. After years of developing his talent, he began recording at various studios throughout the 7 cities of Hampton Roads. He was able to hone his skills with various ventures and projects with an umbrella known as RMG (Big Bi$ne$$, Hell & High Waters). He took his show on the road to not only let the people respond to the music, but also to embrace the sights and sounds of VA!

      And as the decade begins, LaRon Bishop turns over a new leaf as a solo artist. With the reinvention of self comes a reinvention of his own signature sound. His up-close and personal, straight-to-the-face and honest approach is backed by amazing instrumentation provided by Majik (Producing for Young Money, G-Unit, Jim Jones Lil' Wayne & (R.I.P.) Stack Bundles' "Weatherman") and Q-Willz (Trytolem' Since 06'/Blakout Muzik). He looks forward to sharing the tales of his life and its pitfalls; for better or worse. His forthcoming freshman album entitled "All of Me" is set to release in the not so distant future.