Twenty-three year-old Kentral “Handles” Savage started rapping at the age of 13 and hasn't looked back. His innate talent sparked at a young age and has only grown brighter through the years as this outstanding lyricist and beatmaker honed his craft and sharpened his skills. He is now poised to emerge as one of the kings of the hip-hop community with his own voice and particular message for the fans. So bring the love!

Undiluted Message

Savage sets himself apart from many of his peers, standing by his artistic integrity by striving to deliver his message without profanity yet hitting listeners with the same impact. It's a testament to his intelligence and skills that he comes across with the same cutting edge and the same power but without resort to crude expressions. It's a great source of pride for Savage and demonstrates to listeners the true power of the spoken word.

Far and Wide

Savage is out to deliver his message to any and all that will hear. He sees music as a uniting factor, something that all people have in common. “I think music is in everyone,” he says. On that premise he builds his music, believing that if a true message is expressed with smart lyrics and on-target vocal delivery layered over infectious beats, then the audience is out there and will flock to his call. It's a solid premise and one that builds its credibility every time he shows his musical wares to listeners and wows them with his top notch talent.

The Artist

Believe it or not, there was a time in life when Savage was shy. But the first time he broke out of his shell at a freestyle circle that had sprouted up at a football game, all that changed. Suddenly, he was a bold person with a bold message – say what you have to say and say it your way. That idea has carried him far and will carry him farther still. His efforts got him attention from Three Kingz Ent., which got the ball rolling and kick-started the process of showing his music to labels such as Def Jam,Atlantic, & Interscope Records. Savage is unsigned but has released his mixtape title Thinking Ahead hosted by DJ Nice (1 of ShadyvilleDJs) on June 12, 2009. It was rated 5 stars on and still getting alot of exposure and great feedback. Thinking 2wice Ahead has just recently dropped on March 2, 2010, which is featured on many websites such as:, mixtapetorrent, & many more. As of now Savage has a Associate Degree in Computer-Aided Drafting & Design from Eastern Shore Community College and is now attending Virginia State University to work on his Bachelor's in Industrial Technology Engineering until he finds a home in the music industry, which shows his dedication and passion for music & education.


“Savage's youthful vigor is matched only by his surprisingly mature musical ability.” - A&R Select

His Accomplishments below:
-Finalist for The Next Big Superstar VA(sponsored by Slip N Slide,Def Jam, Atlantic Records)

-Kingz Radio Vol.8

-Kingz Radio Vol.9

-Three Kingz:Makin Tha Beatz Vol.28

-DJ Lexus/DJ Pimp: RNB Fever 23

-DJ Lexus: Product of Tha Streets 5

-DJ Lexus: Product of Tha Streets 17

-DJ Pimp: RNB Touch Vol.46

-DJ Pimp: RNB Touch Vol.47 & many more 


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