Given the name Dearra Jones at birth, started listening to Hip-Hop music at the age of 5, also was blessed in sports as a star running back and linebacker until a fatal injury killed his dreams. With the tragic injury G.George channeled all his pain and energy into music. He started writing rhymes on a serious note at the age of 15, while struggling and having to hustle drugs to provide for his moms and himself…

With his personality, charm, and witty character G.George started to command respect on the streets of Lynchburg, Virginia for his lyrical ability. He was brought to the attention of a producer by the name of Bill Biggz. Who was a producer/ emcee who moved to the area of Lynchburg from New York City. They began working on music together and began working on solid material. Realizing their full potential started up the label 23 Sci Fhi Productionz.

They put together solid albums and started performing venues locally and then branched out and started networking with other artist, dj, and producers from around the world. They took there act world wide and have worked with artist from Romania, Australia and the United Kingdom. While still being a single parent of a son and having custody of his child, he still pursues his dreams to be the best emcee or one of.

G.George continues to be an asset to the Hip-Hop community by being a Father, Role model, and Entrepreneur. G.George says he can’t wait to bring his brand of Hip-Hop to the game.