Nita’s Bio

Naaaa. I’m not gon’ say, “On September 30, 1992 a star was born!” But I can opinionatedly say, “That line is well heard and after a while it gets wack…” What I will say is that on September 30, 1992 I was born. At the age of about five I had to make a choice. My father asked me if I wanted to live with him or my mother. I chose him, my sister chose my mother. If I went with my sister’s decision I highly doubt that my love for HIP HOP and music in general would be this great. I was raised in a single parent home. My grandparents (My father’s Parent’s) played an immense role in my life and they have helped me become who I am.

At the age of seven, I noticed how much my father was into HIP HOP. I began a ritual at seven; I started to write poems every night. When I turned eight I began to sing. I also began to write my own music. In 2002 I listened to a CD my dad gave to me. It was him rapping. I listen to the CD every now and then just to remind myself, “Nita… you not done yet.” I have to say that in 2002, when listening to my dad’s CD, I fell in love with Hip Hop and music in general. My dad inspired me to do something I never thought I would do, Rap.

In 2003, I really began to make raps. I would say something and just write it down. When I listened to music beats it was like I was my little sister, sitting in front of the T.V. watching SpongeBob, I was hypnotized! In one of my raps I wrote, “I still am captivated by Hip Hop and R&B. Music, like blood forever flows through my body infinitely. I cannot de……scribe. The way I feel inside, Hip Hop is cutting on my connection to the outside…Worldwide...” (2006) –Nita

In October of 2007 my father took me to recorded “Pacman” as a birthday gift. I wrote the lyrics and found the beat. I will admit that I have made mistakes in the past but I have learned from them. “A person is only foolish by repeating their mistakes. Sometimes you have to live it to learn the lesson, and make the mistake, but making sure that the lesson is there and you do intake It.” –Nita

I never stopped writing poetry. I have won many poetry awards, first place that is. I also never stopped singing. I figured, instead of going to high school for music or taking a vocal major, I would just do that on the side. I am well educated, I hold a GPA of a 3.99 at the moment and I take up Business Technology. I rap and I know I’m beyond the elementary term “good.”


“I got a message that I’m passin’, I’m not commin’ just to cash in,

Music is my passion!” - Nita


Ghetto Princess Bio

Ghetto Princess, born Mellissia Giles is a former troubled teen who was raised in Axton, a small community that sits on the outskirts of Martinsville, Virginia. Her music is full of intent and purpose and is highly influenced by her traumatic life experiences and extreme expectations of personal success. Her ghetto “troubles” began at the tender age of 14 when Mellissia’s mother left the home. The rambunctious teenager then became a rebellious delinquent. The whole street where she lived was comprised of her family, and this gave her father a false sense of security that his precious “baby” girl was well attended. As soon as the confused teenager would see her dad’s pick up pull out of the driveway, she would run home, call her friends over, and the party was on from there. Shortly after, the intelligent youngster quit school, started smoking weed, hanging out all night, and even selling drugs! All these things led Mellissia from detention centers, boot camp, and jail, to eventually prison for three years and six months! This is when she started to recognize her true potential. Now she is ready to “Get Up” and take the game to the next level! She feels like she had to go where she has been to get where she is now going. Had she not had such an interesting life, she would have nothing to write about. Her first album “Intent and Purpose” was released in July 2009. She feels that obtaining a position to help others “make it” will define her true achievement and success. This tenacious attitude is laced in her music where you will always find a life lesson as well as a good time.