DiVita757 was born and raised in Norfolk, Va. An avid listener (some say connoisseur) of hip-hop and R&B, being on the broadcasting side of the game is new to her. But don’t get it twisted; she is far from a newbie and a slouch. Apart of the graduating class of 98 from West Virginia State, she was professionally involved in accounting for many years in the government sector. She reinvented herself and her brand name, DiVita757, to get both feet grinding in the business.

Starting off as an intern and co-hosting on The Patty & Ericka Show w/Friends (along with Rob Holliday and Devon “Show” Showell of Boardroom Recordings) for wRldWide Radio, she worked diligently up the ranks to become a Marketing & Promotions Executive and Head Assistant to Co-CEO, Ryan “DJ Boz” Boswell. Show, Rob, and Dre’bin “Dre” Fa’shaw were observant and respect DiVita for her drive and impeccable networking ability and felt she would be an asset to the Boardroom executive staff. BoardRoom Music Group was formed. Embarking on two exciting avenues through music, “Meeting in the Boardroom” enables her and Show to gain notoriety for both entities at a tremendous rate. Meeting In The BoardRoom (co-hosted by DiVita757 and Show, airs every Tuesday & Thursday from 11am-1pm EST on is an informative radio show formatted for independent and unsigned artist advising them to garner more publicity, solidify their fan base, and achieve a profit while grinding for the big record deal.

DiVita is a proud Navy wife, mother of 3, and a die-hard music lover. DiVita757 reps VA everyday, where “Being THICK is her swagga”.