Chuck Black A.K.A Tha Product of Tha Block… Born and raised in Suffolk, Va. Chuck Black began his career in music in 1997 releasing his underground debut mixtape/album titled THE MOST EXCELLENT. Chuck began to write lyrics to escape and document the harsh reality that was his life. Growing up in an environment plagued with alcohol and both physical and mental abuse Chuck Black secretly wrote his rhymes, at the time not being aware of his amazing capability. As time passed Chuck’s skills started to become noticed by his friends and classmates. In the summer of 1999 Chuck Black (then known as Tek*9) joined a local rap group known as The Crime Fam. Chuck stayed wit the group for a year and a half until he decided to leave because of irreconcilable differences. In 2001 Chuck Black joined with long time friend Miguel Lionheart and began launching a vicious onslaught of dis records aimed toward the remaining members of The Crime Fam. Aside from making the dis records Chuck and Lionheart formed a group known as Fatal 4 along with members Gunslinga and sic1. The group later disbanded after member Gunslinga (known as Omega) left the group. Later the group replaced Gunslinga with Jack Dimples (now known as Ju-Dom). But still there was something missing, Chuck began to see that most of the members lacked the drive and ambition that he possessed,

so unofficially the group broke up. That didn’t stop Chuck…He had such a passion for music that he recorded an uncountable number of tracks, some released and some unreleased. In 2003 Chuck Black’s first major underground release was “Jus 4 Wankstas” a compilation dis-mixtape. On “Jus 4 Wankstas” teamed up with The Bounies, The Shiesty Individuals and Fatal 4 members Lionheart and Ju-Dom, Chuck began to unleash more vicious assaults on local rappers and singers…In 2004 Chuck Black released His 2nd official underground mixtape titled “So Gutta”. In 2005 Chuck released and hosted another compilation mixtape titled “4 Da Hood”. In 2005 Chuck also released the first version of his official underground album “Product Of Tha Block”. In 2007 Chuck Black teamed with 2 artists from his Block Boi Ent. imprint (M-One and IceMan) and released “The Take Over” featuring the two hit singles “Move” and “Get Off My D**k”. From 2006 to 2009 Chuck Black has released a 6 part mixtape series “Sample of Tha Product 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6, iGrind, & various other sampler cd’s. Chuck has also produced beats for numerous local artists, he has directed two video’s Lionheart Ft. Ju-Dom & Chuck Black “Soul of a RockStar”, X-Man X-Con’s “Welcome 2 Consville”. He has written songs for 3 local artists and is currently working on getting his Va Power imprint up and running. Chuck Black is currently unsigned and looking for management. Since starting his career in 1997 Chuck has developed into an amazing asset for any record label, with the ability to adapt to trends and be original at the same time, he also possesses the skill to produce beats and write songs, Chuck is often compared to such artists as Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and many other top rap artists of our time... Chuck Black… remember the name because you will be hearing a lot from this artist in the near future.


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Contact info-

Chuck Black  757-286-7239