Born in Charlottesville, VA Chaos Chytist started rappin at the early age of 9. His interest in music was sparked by his older brother , a local dj. Chytist would accompany him to parties as well as spend hours in the basement listening to records. It wasn't long before he started freestyling to instrumentals. The freestyling lead to written rhymes and soon he was crafting songs. He found a knack for putting together clever punchlines and heavy word play. By the time he reached junior high school, he had already established himself as a MC to be reckoned with. During those years he started a group, Dual Heat, with fellow rapper/producer Ghetti Get.They began recording at a local after school program, The Music Resource Center, developing a sound, and style they combined the complexity of the New York underground, and the grittiness of the dirty south. Dual Heat released two albums independently. Chaos's independent work, projects with Dual Heat and involvement with the Music Resource Center boosted his recognition in the central Virginia area. He has since received numerous spins on local radio, and press coverage from local publications. At the age of 18, Chaos attributes his current successes to hard work, "We don't like to rush through our music. We take our time to make songs sound the best they can" story written by Glitch from Beatnix Ent.