The definition of Urban Hip Hop Soul, Young Rell has been placed on this
earth to be the savior of Hip Hop. With sounds of neo-soul, rock, pop, and
hip hop-Young Rell does not limit himself to the confines of the hip-hop
barrier. Over the past years there have been many artists that have come and
gone throughout the evolution of hip-hop. Right now Hip-Hop is not at the
foundation of what the eclectic sound was inspired to be, which genuine
storytelling. From Common, Nas, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, D-Block, Notorious B.I.G.,
Dipset- Young Rell possess the same quality of telling the truth through
strong lyrics like some of our greatest hip hop pioneers. His struggle,
becomes your struggle, his passion, becomes your passion. Without
hesitation, listening to his lyrics does not only uplift you but brings you
to reality of the urban street life through the eyes of a prominent young

Born in San Deigo, California, Young Rell was torn between a broken home.
This forced his mother to move to the beautiful horizons of Virginia Beach,
Virginia. Here was when Rell began to let the music control his mind and
forget about the negative situations that he found himself in. “If it was
not for the love of hip-hop, I would not be the man I am today.” said Young
Rell. With positive influences from close family and friends, Young Rell
decided once he graduated high school in 2006, he would pursue his dreams of
being a hip hop artist. But Young Rell is not your typical hip hop
artist-while taking time to help other musicians on the rise, you can always
find Young Rell creating commercials for disc jockeys at Hampton Roads, #1
radio station, Hot 91.1. Young Rell's music is not only catchy but it has
the gravity to bring you along for the ride. His true life stories of
homelessness, strife, and struggle-Young Rell keeps you on your feet with
his amazing desire to become successful.

From the road of struggle, it is still not easy. Currently, Young Rell is
working the studio to finish his long awaited mixtape. With his title track,
“Freak You”, which is a cover of Jodeci's 1995 hit-Young Rell is ready to
bring you the heat! Currently he is linked up with an a Independent group by
the name of, Brand New Breed. Along with his indie label mates, Young Rell
is on the road to success with other avenues of entrepreneurship with his
clothing line, Most Envied, and marketing company called P3 Communications
Worldwide, and many other ventures- Young Rell is not just hip-hop but the
future product of influential success