1.What is my initial goal?
-To become a full time entertainer and be very successful. I Aiming to be the best.

If want it in detail,
I want to own my own: record label, open mic dine in/club restaurant, also help out in organizations around the world who help out homeless and starving kids. Model, act in a couple movies.. You know, go till i see time limit.

2.Where do I see myself in 5 years?
-Hopefully ill be living fine, and not have to worry about this street life anymore.. I see myself very successful if met the right person. I want to publish a book, Create the movie of my life.. invest in a dine in/open mic/ club. Also, i hope to create a organization to wheres the starving people in Africa or anywhere, will never have to worry about food again. There's More, but it'll take more then 5 years to accomplish.

3.Who may i sound like..?
-I have no idea. I rap about life and the situations going on with and around me. I can switch it up though. Not just the struggle, but the good times in life as well. Love.. club.. etc

4.Places i been?
-Ive been up and down the eastcoast and midwest attending music events and doing shows. I need to do more shows.

5.People ive met?
-Ive worked with Kermit Henderson whom was my manager at one point. Hes the CE0 of stoneburke recordings. (Blew up bone thugs in harmony, and khia) He has over 60 billboards number 1 rings so he's on it, but how he came at me, made him look childish and im not on any hoeish thangs if u vibe me.Ive met bizzy bone, tony neal, judy jones, alot of djs.. you can check the pics out on my page. (music ) or

6.A little background check.

-Born in El Paso Texas, raised in Fairfax VA off of richmond hwy. Grew up basically on the streets along with my brother whom is my only other sibling. Long story short, ive been neglected and abused , my brother and I, by our parents when growing up. I grew up alot around the dudes. Dont mess with too many females. They love the drama. Ive been incarcerated a couple of times.. and my brother is currently incarceration. We was doing music since a little kid. I had over 100 songs by 13, and over 400 poems by 16. But being that my life is so hilarious to some, they were all thrown out by the parents. Me and my parents are now talking more. It took me having a child for them to change. I could go on and on, but thats just a snippet.


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