THE SPOTRAIDERS are a 4-man rap group from the East End section of Newport News, VA (affectionately known as "Bad News"); coincidentally the same city that raised superstars Allen Iverson & Michael Vick.
Influenced equally by the North's East Coast movement as well as by the South & its own interpretation Hip-Hop, The SpotRaiders consist of 4 completely distinct personalities; Sincere, Madison, Von G. & Travesty. With each member offering a different vibe & personal perspective, for the past 9 years The SpotRaiders have consistently been building their fan base throughout the state of Virginia, as well as various markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
From the very beginning of their musical careers, The SpotRaiders, along with DreamWorld Entertainment & manager Corey Barnes have independently supported the entire SpotRaiders' movement; from recording costs to CD manufacturing & distribution as well as marketing & promotion expenses.
SpotRaiders' music has been blazin' through urban radio mix shows for the last 3 years, including Clear Channel's 103 JAMZ WOWI-FM in Norfolk, VA, 106.5 The Beat in Richmond, VA as well as some of the area's college radio stations such as Hampton University's 88.1 WHOV-FM & Norfolk State University's Hot 91.1 WNSU-FM. The SpotRaiders have also received exposure through the UPN affiliate WGNT-TV's independent show, "VA Underground" as well as through numerous live performances such as last year's Mid-Atlantic Music Conference in Charlotte, NC.
The SpotRaiders' newest single entitled "V.A.", produced by M-Millz features a catchy Jay-Z sample & has rapidly been gaining popularity throughout the state of Virginia as well as the surrounding Mid-Atlantic Region. Unlike many multi-member rap acts today, each member of The SpotRaiders is capable of holding their own on solo projects.
As a group however, they're even stronger. Travesty, who also serves as the group's graphic designer is the observer of the group. His verses tend to be lyrical, insightful & often vividly depict the life & perspective of a young African-American male in today's society. Madison brings an unlimited amount of creativity to the group while Von G's words give you the bitter & sweet tastes of the reality of survival in the streets of Bad News, VA. Sincere rounds up the rap super-group with spittery that is honest, emotional & aims to pierce through the thick façade of today's music industry. With their songs, The SpotRaiders are able to provide listeners with a variety of personality combinations that help to keep their material both fresh & original.
At The 2006 Blendzville Award Show, an award show that highlighted up & coming talent, THE SPOTRAIDERS won 2 awards for "Best Hip Hop Group" as well as "Mixtape of the Year", for their 2005 street-released mixtape entitled, "By Any Means Necessary", which featured Atlantic recording artist, Quan, also from Newport News, VA. With approval from such notable industry producers such as Teddy Riley & Nottz, one thing's for sure, The SpotRaiders are definitely at the forefront of a new wave of talent that's ready to infiltrate the music industry.