To begin my name is Mz Gizzi and yes thats my real last name its italian lol. I’m 21 years old currently residing in Northern Va. I do some modeling work for fun and also do interviews with people doing their thing repping the DMV which you can check out on youtube. I love to take pictures that aren’t your typical picture, I like to be originial and creative. I take pride in the fact that ninety percent of what I do I did it myself from the idea to the clothes to the makeup. I try to think outside of the box so to speak when thinking of ideas for a shoot so my pictures will be set apart. Another thing I would say sets me apart from every other female claiming that they are a “model” is the fact that I am trying to show younger girls that you dont have to get in lingerie or eye candy type of pictures to be known. As well as be the stereotypical “model body” to chase your dream. I went on plenty of casting calls and they all told me beautiful girl,strong face but you are just too short. That only makes me push that much harder to try to break the mold for the image society has of what the “perfect” body should resemble and If I never make it big I enjoyed myself along the way and I did it without breaking my moral values. Thanks for everyone who shows me support with all that I do love -Mz Gizzi


Mz Gizzi