Based in Richmond, Virginia, a group of musically trained teens are attempting to rise above the stereotypes of Hip-Hop. "4th Block" is made up of three unique show-stopping talents. The personable, fun-loving, charismatic entertainer goes by the name of Jones. The slim, fashionable individual with an insurmountable lyrical presence is Fent. Finally, the beautiful, soulful, attention-grabbing vocalist of the trio is known as Rak. The three currently attend Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA where they are making their presence known. Together the group has a radio show and an entertainment division in which they throw parties to raise money for their musical endeavors, all while receiving a full education. However, their musical experiences began long before reaching college. 4th Block came together at the Appomattox Regional Governor's School for the Arts and Technology located in Petersburg, VA. At the magnet school, each member went through rigorous coursework dealing with music, art, theater, and technology. Rak graduated as a Musical Theater major in 2009 along with Fent. and Jones who graduated as instrumental music majors. 4th Block as a group has released one official mixtape entitled "The Future Iz Now" hosted by DJ Smirnoff-Ice which is available on In the Summer of 2010 the group will be back to work on their next series of projects entitled "The Momentum Shift".